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South Park RPG - Preview @ Daily Mail, Gameplanet

by Aries100, 2012-08-08 23:07:28

Daily Mail has a preview for this game.

 A sort of random quote:

Graphics are brilliant. Everything from the little 'bobs' the characters do when they move to their quirky facial expressions has been captured. Indeed, it almost looks like you’re watching an episode. In a nod to Skyrim and Fallout, The Stick of Truth is an open-world game. Characters can level up certain skills, such as magic or weapons, and can choose different classes (Mage, Cleric, Fighter and Thief) in their quest to become...cool. Each time you level up, you’re treated to Cartman dishing out your (often rude) new title. Combat is turn-based, which will appeal to hardcore RPG fans fed of clunky real-time combat often associated with modern games in the genre.

GamePlanet also has a preview for this game.   A quote from the opening:

Enter Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind hit role-playing games such as Fallout: New Vegas. The studio is closely collaborating with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to produce what may be one of the best South Park episodes. Because that’s exactly what the game feels like, a South Park episode. South Park: The Stick of Truth begins with a brief opening that mimics the cut-out style and cutaways of a typical episode. It introduces ‘the new kid’ whose family has just moved to the Colorado town. The parents suggest exploring the neighborhood to make some friends so that they can get some “alone time”, and as they exit inside you could be forgiven for thinking something went wrong, as the scene seems to freeze.

Source: GameBanshee

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