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Krater - Coop Coming

by Dhruin, 2012-08-11 01:56:11

Fatshark blogs about the addition of coop to their hack'n'slasher Krater:

As we all know the next big update to Krater will be the addition of coop. The road there is long and sometimes rather perilous which means that we are unable to give you an exact date when it will be added.

But we do know that it is closing in. The first step – the Online game mode has been published for external testing as I am writing this and we are aiming to add it to the Steam build during the coming weeks.

So how do one get hold of a coop beta key? More details about their whereabouts will soon be revealed. But a safe bet is to look for them in the Underworld of Solside while playing the single player campaign in online mode.

Also – we would love to take the opportunity to show of some concept art for the new coop content that is being created. Winter is coming…

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