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Archlord: Beta Key Give-Away @ IGN

by Inauro, 2006-09-20 22:38:00
IGN and Codemasters have teamed up for an Archlord beta key give away.
Here's the deal: with ArchLord just a few weeks from release, the beta version of the game players have access to is 99%-complete, meaning everything that's in the finished product can be found in the beta. Better still, when the game releases, anyone who's signed up to the beta will have the option of buying the full version and carrying over their character and all their objects - giving them a massive head-start over anyone who waits to pick it up on launch day.

To get your free ArchLord beta key simply register your details on the official ArchLord website. A unique key will then be emailed to you, along with details of where the beta version of the game can be downloaded from. So go on, enjoy!
Source: IGN

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