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Dishonored - Previews

by Myrthos, 2012-08-18 00:18:56

Two more previews of Dishonored from the Gamescom show have pooped up.

The Guardian:

Dishonored looks to be a dark, intricate and incredibly ambitious game. Its sense of style, of setting, of thematic and visual unity is enormously impressive. It exudes depth, not just in its vast selection of abilities and possibilties, but in its realisation of a functioning world.

This is a game of the year contender; and in its apparent offer of a world that can be bent to the wills of every player, it promises a truly intelligent action adventure. In this sense, Dishonored is both a link back to Deus Ex and forward toward a future of genuine sandbox design

Gamespot UK:

The protagonist, Corvo, is on assignment to assassinate Waverly Boyle, one of the three sisters hosting a lavish masquerade ball. Theres a catch, however: because of the anonymous nature of the party, you aren't sure which of the three the actual target is. They are all identified as "Lady Boyle" when approached, but all three wear different colors of the same outfit. To identify the appropriate sister, you must talk to the other attendees and explore the estate to gather enough intel to identify the color of the target's garb.

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