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Grim Dawn - Grim Misadventures #5

by Dhruin, 2012-08-20 22:36:51

Zantai from Crate writes a new Grim Misadventures blog, looking at the Nightblade in Grim Dawn:

Skill 1: Shadow Strike
“A cunning combination of flash powder and mental deflection allows the Nightblade to dart throughout the battlefield faster than the eye can see.”
Shadow Strike causes your character to phase out of existence and rapidly close in on your target, dealing damage on impact. This skill serves a dual purpose: direct single target damage and survivability. How does survivability come into play? Let’s bring up the modifier…

Modifier 1: Master of Shadow
“Become like the spectre of nightmares, appearing before your enemies in an instant and vanishing just as quickly.”
This skill modifier reduces the cooldown on Shadow Strike, allowing you to jump around more frequently. This serves both as a direct damage increase on Shadow Strike and as a way to ensure that you are always in a favorable position.

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