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KB: Warriors of the North - Preview @ Hooked Gamers

by Aries100, 2012-08-28 22:30:21

Hooked Gamers has a preview for this game, presented to them at GamesCom 2012.
A quote about the Valkyries:

Those attractive Valkyries mentioned earlier provide powerful abilities on the battlefield, and all five of them will help the new Olaf defeat his enemies. Each one has a separate power, so Olaf will have to collect them all to do well. Another new addition is rune magic, which the Viking, the new race, uses to great effect. The Viking is a tank, an excellent warrior and has the best rage abilities in the game available to him.

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KB: Warriors of the North

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Platform: PC
Release: Released