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Chaos Chronicles - Interview @ Dagon's lair

by Myrthos, 2012-08-29 23:08:10

An Interview in French and English with the producer of Chaos Chronicles can be found at Dagon's Lair.

Can you elaborate about world interaction? Will the player be able to interact with some world’s objects ? Is it more like Fallout or Dragon Age where there are only some items which can be highlited to interact with ? Is it more like the old Divine Divinity where every single object can be manipulated ? Do NPCs have an agenda?

When we talk about Chaos Chronicles then we don’t compare it to Fallout or Dragon Age. The game is different. There are lot of objects you can interact with. This is mainly story-related. You can click on a lot of items but you cannot move each. In a puzzle for example you have to move statues. That would be movement with objects. But there is more interaction everywhere. There are so many objects which have interesting information for the player. Even a pumpkin can be a spot of interest. If you click on the pumpkin I have in my mind then a short text occurs which tells you that the pumpkin must be 200 years old but still looks fine. This seems to be a bit strange if you think about it but it still is part of the story. Nothing you’d need, but still interesting to know. This way we hide a lot of little stories in the game which the player – if he wants to – can follow.

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