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Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition AMA @ Reddit

by Dhruin, 2012-08-30 11:50:43

The folks from Overhaul Games participated in a Reddit AMA, despite being Obama'd. Some eight or so Overhaul developers answered questions and here's a snip from Trent Oster:

I'm really hoping to break 500,000 copies across all platforms. It is a great game at a low price. I'll speculate with those numbers we could persuade the parties involved to do a BG3

Regardless of sales we are doing a BG2:EE. We've committed to it contractually. It might be three of us working out of a cardboard box, but we're committed to making it happen.

I think what makes this version better is the performance and graphical improvements, the new UI, the new content, the new music and VO. I think the inclusion of many mod fixes into the base product give a much better starting platform as well. I also think putting some mods on BG:EE will probably be the best experience you can have.

As well, our goal is to continue development to further support modders and the end users access to mods.

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