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Age of Decadence - August Update

by Dhruin, 2012-08-31 23:11:51

Iron Tower has posted an August update for The Age of Decadence. The post is longer than the first sentence suggests and contains multiple examples of new content, so here's a snip:

I'm busy working on ten things at once, so I'll keep it short. We're still working on alchemy and planning to start beta-testing it in Sep. Since we're getting closer, Oscar went over Teron one last time, fixing what's been reported and forcing me to add extra content here and there. 

Now you can score bonus loyalty points by selling info to Linos and telling him that Cado's planning to attack the shipment. You can loot Carrinas' body - the most requested "feature". IG1 was tweaked based on the feedback we received. Plus, your grifter, loremaster, and thief will have more things to do.

Sneak preview:

A well-dressed woman opens the door, looking at you quizzically. You can’t help but notice her rings and the necklace. Stones like these are bound to fetch a good price.

1. [grifter] "Lady Anthea, I presume? I'm happy to inform you that Lord Gaelius has agreed. You're expected to arrive to Maadoran within a fortnight."
2. Wait till the dark and pay her a visit
3. Leave.

If 1:

"You have the privilege of addressing Lady Camilla Domitia Planca." Before she closes the door, her curiosity gets the better of her. "You were saying something about Lord Gaelius and Maadoran?"

[streetwise] "You are not Lady Anthea? A thousand apologies! Please tell me I can count on your discretion. It’s a highly sensitive matter involving the most noble of Houses."
[success] "My lips are sealed," says Camilla, her eyes sparkling with interest, "but only if you tell me more."

[streetwise][etiquette] "Well, I suppose it's hardly a secret that Lord Gaelius has certain, let's say, difficulties with his nephew. He thinks that what the young man needs is a good wife, a woman of proper standing and qualities to keep him from troubles."

"It's very true," nods Camilla. "Do continue."

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