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RPGWatch Feature - Expeditions: Conquistador First Impressions

by Dhruin, 2012-09-03 10:03:35

There's around a week to go on Logic Artists' Kickstarter for Expeditions: Conquistador - currently sitting on $55k of a $70k goal, it looks promising but they certainly need every donor they can get. We had the opportunity to play with an early press build, so read on for our impressions:

I was broadly reminded of Mount & Blade-meets-King's Bounty. There's an abstracted view of the game world coupled with hex movement and turn-based, "arena" combat.

The first event players encounter is a minor interaction at the docks, but you can immediately glimpse the potential depth of the dialogue system. There are choices, Diplomacy impacts your success and, sometimes, there are other actions; that first encounter sees local officials confiscating your equipment and supplies and one of the actions is to leave a man behind to make sure nothing is stolen. It's a small event but you can see the potential for bigger choice-and-consequence down the track. I also really appreciated the descriptive text; beyond the actual dialogue lines, you often get descriptions of NPCs' demeanour and reactions. It seems well-written and adds considerable flavour.

Read it all here.

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