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Grim Dawn - The Monster Factory

by Myrthos, 2012-09-04 12:35:12

At the Grim Dawn forums a closer look is given into the creation of monsters in Grim Dawn.

Greetings to the overpowered monster extravaganza! This is Zantai reporting from my own personal monster boot camp, where creatures enter and hero monsters emerge.

Welcome to the monster factory.

Here is where brand new hero monsters are first tested against real human opponents for bugs (oops, he’s casting invisible fields of death), damage (oops, he just killed me in two shots), and fun (oops, he just killed me in two shots using an invisible field of death). Depending on your level of masochism, the aforementioned scenario might have fit your definition of fun. In that case, we apologize in advance for a lack of invisible death fields.

After this phase is complete, the 100% genuine awesome seal of approval coolness stamped hero monster is added to the spawn pools (this is about when the other devs at Crate start asking who put the ******** monsters into the game).

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