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Dark Souls - Reviews

by Myrthos, 2012-09-10 22:26:05

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die has been reviewed by TweakTown scoring 90%.

In an age where gamers complain incessantly that games are too easy these days, and too short, Dark Souls comes out to show just how tough a game can be. From the outset you have no lengthy tutorial (one does exist however), no handholding or guides, nothing. It is you versus the world the game is set in and that is what makes it one of the most unique gaming experiences around.

2D-X also have taken a look at the game without scoring it but concluding this:

This is the console version of Dark Souls, playable on PC. It’s playable and it’s great, tense, grim stuff. Yes, this port is lazy and weird, but it’s also on PC because the fans wanted it there. It’s better than no lazy port at all. The outside fixes — a controller and the work of a programmer unaffiliated with Namco Bandai or From Software — plus all the additional content almost make the PC version the optimal way to play the game. Until you factor in Microsoft’s woeful DRM, and the huge graphic overlay for equipped items and weapons, but that should get sorted out by the tireless efforts of the PC gaming crowd.


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