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Dead Island: Riptide - Previews

by Myrthos, 2012-09-11 23:43:08

Not sure if there is anything new to extract from these previews about Dead Island: Riptide after the many we have seen, but let's try this one at LevelSave:

When the first fence broke down an NPC ran out into the fray. This is when I heard the first really bad news of the entire Demo. If an NPC dies in one of these “Defense Missions,” of which there will be multiple during the game, the entire mission is failed. Now I do not mind keeping some silly NPC alive; I have been begrudgingly doing it for my entire life. What I do mind is when that NPC runs out into a swarm of five zombies with a reckless disregard that rivals Evil Kinevel. In a real apocalypse I would just shrug my shoulders and walk away, because I would never want to be around someone that utterly insane.

And this one at Explosion:

For people who were unsatisfied with the first game, there are several additions to the formula.  As the title “Riptide” implies, water is going to be an important factor.  Players will be able to drive around in boats while zombies attack from beneath the waves.  Missions will also involve pumping water from areas to allow the survivors access to new locations.

At PAX Prime the developers showed another new feature that allows players to deploy fences and mines to defend areas from swarms of zombies.  Stationary weapons were available too, giving this sequence the feeling of the survival mode in Left 4 Dead, or the zombie modes of Call of Duty.  This sequence added in some variety to the Dead Island standard gameplay of free-roaming and fetch missions.

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