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Inquisitor - Reviews

by Myrthos, 2012-09-12 00:23:08

Here are three reviews of Inquisitor, the recently released game at GoG.

Snackbar Games 4/5:

Despite using archaic D&D-style gameplay, most of it holds up extremely well because of how well it is implemented. The only aspect of the gameplay that was frustrating was the way stamina works. As you’d expect from other action-RPGs, stamina is required for physical actions, and running out is a very bad thing. That’s not the problem, as that’s the way all games have handled it. The problem is that once it runs out, it takes forever for it to regenerate unless you have potions to use. And you can’t walk around or look through your inventory or journal while it refills, because moving or opening a menu stops the regeneration.

GripYaJoystick 4.5/5:

Inquisitor’s game play is really where it feels like Diablo 2. You pick from 3 different classes (yes I know there are more then that in Diablo 2): a paladin, a priest, and a thief. All 3 can learn spells but the priest will learn more knowledgeable spells. Paladins learn better melee combat, and thief’s are better at ranged combat. Your inventory is slotted where weapons and armor could take up between 3 to 8 squares. Potions and scrolls take up a square a piece. Unlike Diablo 2 you get 5 pages for your inventory. You can recruit members to your party to help you fight, and I will tell you this is a game where you want a party. The game is pretty difficult on medium, I’ve died probably over 30 times. Enemies swarm you from about every direction.


And so we come to the ultimate question: should you buy this game? 14.99 is a wonderful price for a product with so much content. It's atmospheric, unique, mature, and also a little hard to recommend without some caveats. Inquisitor is an investment, both in terms of time and sometimes patience. But if you want a deep role-playing game that absolutely does not hold your hand, that's gritty and dark and full of believable but lengthy lore, then Inquisitor may be the RPG you've been waiting for.

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