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Obsidian Entertainment - Josh Sawyer onThe Black Hound

by Aries100, 2012-09-16 23:29:32

Josh Sawyer did an update on his blog.   The Black Hound, the rpg projetct he laid to rest, is the subject for discussion this time. An excerpt about his feelings toward this:

I regret that the team wasn't able to complete The Black Hound, and not just because of the time and passion we all invested in it. Some of my best tabletop RPG (and CRPG) memories come out of the Forgotten Realms. Huge, crazy, "how many more Volo's Guides can there be?" Forgotten Realms. I think those scenarios were memorable because the DMs/designers made compelling scenarios and the players gave a damn about each other and what was going on. If you take fantasy for granted, yeah, no one's going to get much out of it. I don't think we took anything for granted. We had an opportunity to make something that celebrated high fantasy without being enslaved by its conventions.

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