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Obsidian Entertainment - Project Eternity - $1.4M, First Stretch Goal Unlocked

by Dhruin, 2012-09-17 09:51:11

Project Eternity's Kickstarter has just ticked past $1.4M, meaning the first stretch goal has been unlocked:

1.4 million, New Playable Race, Class, and Companion!
Expands your options for character creation and adds a companion of the new class.

Next stop, at $1.6M, is...

1.6 million, a Mac Version of Project Eternity and The Story Grows!
We've listened and we’ll make a Mac version of the game at this tier. We're also going to add a new major storyline along with new quests, locations, NPCs, and unique loot (special histories everyone?).

While we're here, J.E. Sawyer's Formspring is normally full of questions about the types of ammo in F:NV but now there are a few useful tidbits for Project Eternity. First off, we might be hearing about party size soon:

I am writing up some basics on party size/composition that will hopefully answer some of your other questions.

On the player-house goal:

OP: To answer your question, we believe player houses serve a basic utilitarian purpose in RPGs. We like using them and would like to have them in PE. They require work to implement, but the $ of the goal is not meant to indicate $ spent on that feature.

Okay, but I hope it's obvious that the spacing of stretch goals does not map 1:1 with dollars spent for features. A house is not the equivalent of a region, faction, and companion. They are listed w/ =$ increments for fundraising pacing purposes.

In my mind, a player "house" is something like The Sink. A player stronghold would be something like Crossroad Keep, with much more in-depth strategic gameplay.

...and being early in development:

The problem inherent with this is that we're still very early in development. Designing systems takes time. I would rather be general and risk some frustration than be specific at this stage in the process.

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