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Chaos Chronicles - Interview @ Gamers.de

by Aries100, 2012-09-17 20:03:52

An interview for this turnbased crpg game can be found at Gamers.de - English translation starts on page 5.   A quote about the story Gamers.de:

Could you tell us something about the story? Are there already any plans for a continuation of the story? Coreplay: You really don´t have many information’s about the world at the start of the game. The players will return to an old kingdom, which was overrun by evil powers centuries ago. Besides a mysterious Order, many adventurers and explorers are drawn to this realm.

A quote on NPCs:

Gamers.de: You mentioned Minsk from “Baldur´s Gate” on your blog. Will “Chaos Chronicles” feature such memorable Characters as well? I mean, will there be recruitable Characters with an own personality and back story? Or will it be more like nameless and swappable mercenaries similar to the “X-Com” Soldiers? Coreplay: The player will be able to recruit one more NPC besides his own heroes. These NPCs have their own agenda and follow their own goals. But you won’t have absolute access over these like in BG.

A quote on multiplayer

Gamers.de: It is well known that “Chaos Chronicles” will feature a multiplayer-mode. How will this mode play out? Will all 5 players be able to choose quest answers, maybe through an election? Or will a group leader be responsible for the decisions? Coreplay: Every player will control one or more characters. Regarding quest- and group decisions, we are still looking for the best possible and satisfying solution at the moment.

Source: RPG Codex

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