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Obsidian Entertainment - Tidbits from Tim Cain

by Dhruin, 2012-09-18 14:17:40

Eurogamer has posted a piece on Project Eternity that mixes new comments from Tim Cain with the earlier Project Update from J.E. Sawyer that we've aleady seen. Still, there are some worthwhile bits in the article, with Cain confirming guns and a reputation system:

At the core of the rules will be souls. In the Kickstarter video, Josh Sawyer said a character's soul was tied to the magic system. Cain expanded: "No, you don't have to be evil to access any abilities. They aren't categorised like that. Instead, in this world, your soul is connected to your power. Simply put, people who have whole, unbroken souls are more powerful than those people who just have fragments of souls. The nature of these souls, and how they might break, is something we will explore in the game.

"While there are social concepts of good and evil," he added, "the game does not track an alignment for the player. Instead we will use a reputation system to keep track of what different groups in the world think of you. Consequences of your actions will matter in Project Eternity."

Interestingly, Cain notes they have an engine but MCA says it isn't Onyx.

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