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Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition: Neera the Wild Mage

by Dhruin, 2012-09-19 01:09:33

Overhaul has posted a new story snippet from BG: Enhanced Edition for Neera the Wild Mage, as well as an audio sample of the voice actor:

Final Exam

"Oh, my aching noggin." Moth cradled his head as he slumped down the great oak's winding ramp. His iridescent wings drooped.

"You should know better than to drink so much nectar the night before class." Pollae planted the foot of her oaken staff in the moss and raised a fine elven eyebrow to look down at him.

Neera didn't like the way Pollae used her height to belittle the pixie. At barely over two feet high, Moth was small even for a sprite. He had spent half the night flitting from bloom to bloom, sampling every night-blossoming flower he could find.

Neera understood the allure of spring. The same perfumes had tempted her outside to tease the boys when she knew she should be studying. As a result, Neera was also completely unprepared.

As usual.

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