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Expeditions: Conquistador - Kikstarter Update

by Myrthos, 2012-09-19 13:04:40

The Kickstarter page of Expeditions: Conquistador has been updated with what they have been doing after reaching their goal and the news that the forums are online.

Hello! Here's a quick post just so you know we didn't just take your money and run off to the Caimans.

First off, thank you for your patience. After a rather long and hard but incredibly exciting week, we are all back in the office now and in good health. Today has been spent polishing off the beta build for you all, but we've got a few more fixes and tweaks we want to squeeze in before we send it out. This is mostly about tying together the last few threads that were left hanging loose after we redid the entire fundamental interaction system on the world layer from the bottom up. The upshot is that the beta demo you get to play will be just that much closer to the quality level of the final product.

We've launched our new forums, and you should all feel free to head over there and register if you want. We'll send out your access information for the backer forum tomorrow, and the Paypal account will go up some time this week. I regret that we can't be more specific than that at present, we still have some things to clear up first.

Again, thank you for your patience, not to mention your generosity! More information to follow soon :-)

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