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Torchlight II - Review @ Gamespy

by Aries100, 2012-09-20 18:34:28

Gamespy has a review 5/5 for this game.   Here's a quote about the combat:

I felt pretty badass right from the start, thanks to the Rapid Fire ability turning my shotgonne into an assault rifle as long as I had mana to spend. Imagine a firehose of bullets that pins all but the biggest enemies against the wall. Then imagine the satisfaction when, 10 skill points later, the range extended to the point where I could simply push enemies I didn't want to deal with off screen. I later picked up Rune Vault to quickly evade boss attacks with big tells, Burning Leap to charge forward and set groups of enemies in my path on fire, and Glaive Sweep to do a 360-degree attack with knockback while I'm in their midst.

Source: GameSpy

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