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Arakion - Stretch Goals Updated

by Myrthos, 2012-09-22 19:41:20

Chris Taylor informed us of the update of the stretch goals for Arakion on Kickstarted, with still being 9K short of the 25K goal.

Today I'd like to announce some good news,  great news, and for some of you, awesome news!

Let's start with the awesome news, as of today one of the stretch goals has become tablet support, this has been very requested and I am happy to announce that if the funding reaches $50,000 there will be tablet support! I have been working with a friend to figure out how to optimize the game for tablet and this morning we managed to get a test version fully working. Tablet support will be released for all version of tablets compatible with unity, ios, android etc... Please note that tablet support has a 1 month later planned release.

Next up we have an adjustment in the Card Game price. I have found a coder willing to work with me to bring you guys the card game much cheaper than planned, so I have brought down the initial price of the card game from 50k to 35k, this also includes the 10 trait pack that was originally at 30k.

A new stretch goal has been added at $42,250, the Infinite Tower. This is an endless dungeon that increases in difficulty each time you enter. Inside you'll find rare blueprints, materials, monsters and more. This tower will truly push your group to their limits!

Finally, if the game makes it to 50k, the mod stretch goal will be opened up at a later goal. This will include a full set of tools to create your own world and dungeons!

The long and short:

  • Card game at $35,000
  • Infinity Tower: an endless dungeon at $42,250
  • Tablet support at $50,000
  • Mod Tools eventually

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