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Baldur's Gate - Dorn Il-Khan

by Dhruin, 2012-09-27 22:32:50

Overhaul's Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition site has new short story (and a sample of the voice acting) that features the new NPC, Dorn Il-Khan:


"Let them pass," said Dorn. "They're useless to us."

Dorn scowled down at the muddy road. The caravan was the smallest they had seen all day, only two wagons with a pair of lancers in front and another pair behind. Two armed men sat on each driver's seat, a third with a crossbow sitting atop the tarpaulin-covered cargo.

"They're headed for Luskan," said Dorn's mother. "And there are no dwarves among them."

Twelve-year-old Dorn had never raided the dwarves, but he knew they hated half-breeds as much as they hated the orcs of his father's tribe. He guessed the wagons carried iron ingots from the mining city of Mirabar. They would not stop to help a half-orc and his mother.

"Let them pass," said Dorn.

"We'll never make it to Luskan without help," she insisted. They had not eaten in three days, and she could barely walk. Dorn could carry her only a few miles each day. He had no idea how much farther it was to Luskan, where she said they would find civilized men.

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