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Project Eternity - Update #10, Interview

by Dhruin, 2012-09-28 14:00:53

Chris Avellone posts Project Eternity Update #10, which is primarily a video showing his messy desk, celebrating his birthday and following up on the characterisation blog from a few days back:

Today's Project Eternity update is shorter and sweeter than usual (at least on the text side), and instead is a fun video from Obsidian's creative director, Chris Avellone. In the video, Chris talks about birthdays, gratitude for fan gratitude, his one really @$!$ messy desk, and some extrapolation of characterization in Project Eternity.

The video is a follow up to his Project Eternity and Characterization blog post over on the Obsidian forums from a few days ago. We encourage you to check it out first if you haven't already, particularly if the process of character design interests you, and then watch the video!

There's also a piece of concept art.

Over at Penny Arcade, there's an interview with producer Adam Brennecke. There's not a lot of new revelations, though here he talks about the first screenshot:

Brennecke talked about Project Eternity exploring mature themes, though the studio’s definition of “mature” doesn’t necessarily mean sex and gore. Brennecke’s example was racism. Reading through the Kickstarter updates, there’s some hints of how that could play out on reincarnated souls. “...souls are subject to “fracturing” over generations, transforming in myriad ways, and not quite… working right. Some cultures and individuals place a high value on “strong” souls, souls with a “pure” lineage, “awakened” souls that remember past lives, “traveled” souls that have drifted through the divine realms, or those that co-exist with other souls in one body. However, the opposite is also true, resulting in negative discrimination and sometimes outright violence.”

Although they’re not ready to share it just yet, Brennecke told me he saw the first screenshot of the game the day we spoke. Even he was impressed. “It looks amazing.”

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