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Arakion - Update 9

by Myrthos, 2012-09-29 16:18:19

A new update for Arakion has been made available. This time it give more information about the Battlemage, specializations and pets. Arakion is entering its last week on Kickstarter and is just over $3500 short of reaching its 25K goal.

Hey Kickstarters it's that time again,

Today I'm going to be announcing some major information regarding the game, if you have any questions about the update please leave them in the comments below and I'll get back to them as soon as I see them.

The Battlemage

The first thing I'd like to announce in this update is the release of the Battlemage (You'll be getting a preview of the Battlemage in action and armor in the next few days). Right hand wielding staves or wands with the left hand wielding swords, axes, clubs or staves. These lords of battle have the ability to unleash massive amounts of damage easily cutting through enemies.  

During early testing of these classes in prototyping, it's easy to tell this is going to be a extremely fun class to play. The four primary skills of these classes are:

  • Arcane Bolt - Single target - long ranged spell
  • Elemental Wrath - Area of effect - close range spell
  • Charged Strike - Charge your weapons with arcane energy and strike at the enemy
  • Arcane Shield - Shield your party to block damage


Next up is the announcement of specializations. Specializations are another way to customize your character, they are an additional skill that each class has the ability to acquire. During the course of the game you'll have the possibility to journey on a quest and receive a tome to unlock a new skill for each of your characters.

  • Each character can only have 1 specialization
  • Every class will (probably) have 4 possible specializations
  • Passive specializations also exist
  • Specializations have far less customization than the 4 primary skills


Another major announcement today is the inclusion of pet companions. While each party consists of 3 major characters, you'll also start out with a pet filling a "fourth" slot. Pets were originally intended to be a stretch goal but after a lot of testing, I've concluded that they can be included at no additional stretch goal needed. 

Pets can be utilized to help assist your party. While they serve no combat purpose, you can train your pets to get additional resources, find secret areas, map out dungeons, and more. Each pet starts with 3 energy per dungeon and you have the option to spend that energy on what you deem useful. The more you utilize your pet the stronger they'll become so be sure to use them often!

At character creation you'll be able to pick what type of pet you want (there should be 4 at launch). Each type of pet starts out with certain specializations, hound pets start out with the ability to more easily find secret areas while the arachnid pets and map out dungeons more quickly.


Finally I'd like to say after testing some of the hats, I'm going to be including a full set of facial and head aesthetics for your character that you can change and customize throughout the game. These will supplement the backer only aesthetics that will be included with your Kickstarter pledges.

Tier Aesthetics:

  • $15 - The Fez :: Ushanka :: Top Hat and Monocle
  • $25 - Headband with a feather :: Goggles :: Cast Iron Steam-punk Helm
  • $50 - Guy Fawkes mask (V for Vendetta) :: Jewelry set
  • More on these in future updates

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