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Nuclear Union - Divers Camp Screenshots

by Myrthos, 2012-09-30 22:22:56

1C the publisher of Nuclear Union has made 3 new screenshots available on their Facebook page. These screenshots are from the Divers Camp:

In the far corner of the large marshy location, at the site of former country house settlement Rechnick, one can find now a shift diver camp. A special group of divers from Pobedograd are searching rare underwater artifacts, which are extremely useful for the country. The Gravitational Ignitron, or the Amber Egg as the divers call it, has been the most precious finding so far.

The shift lasts for a couple of months; hence the divers do their best to arrange the utmost comfortable conditions for their stay in these wild lands. They live in tents, whereas expensive equipment, compressors and carefully arranged findings are located in a closed roofed hangar/trailer. The divers also have the Lenin room there, where they attend lessons in politics every Tuesday given by the head of the expedition.

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