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Borderlands 2 - Review Roundup # 5

by Myrthos, 2012-09-30 22:42:05

Here are some new reviews of Borderlands 2 that showed up in the last few days.

Parable Games gives the game a 9.1:

In similar vein to almost the entirety of Borderlands 2, the mission system is exactly like it is in Borderlands, but bigger and better. Quests are activated by either a Bulletin Board or by one of the various NPCs dotted throughout each location, with missions ranging from generic fetch and collection quests to storming an enemy fortress. It’s what we come to expect from Borderlands and it accomplishes its goals well. The humour and memorable NPCs characteristic of a Borderlands title are back in force with their hit and miss humour and original quips, though this time a lot of old characters make a comeback, hitting those nostalgia switches hard.

The Truth About Guns 5/5 stars:

The gameplay is fantastic. The art is beautiful. The guns are insane. And the characters and dialogue is well written. But the real yardstick for how well a game is designed is how long it holds the player’s attention. Half-Life (the original) was an 8 hour game for me. So was Half-Life 2. Medal of Honor (the latest installment) was only a 4 hour game. Sniper Elite V2 was only 3. But Borderlands 2? So far, 30 hours. Beaten only by Fallout New Vegas at 33 hours, but I haven’t finished all the side quests yet in B2. Add on top of that the downloadable content that’s coming and you’ve easily got yourself 40 solid hours of gameplay.

Fruity Games with no score:

The least said about Borderlands 2 the better the experience will be for you, because everything will come more as a surprise to you. But if you've played Borderlands expect more of the same, just much more improved. The plot is a lot more focused resulting in a better all around experience, the customizable skill tree is a lot more advanced. Pretty much every feature from Borderlands other than the novelty as that's been scrapped, has been heavily improved upon. Is Borderlands 2 worth spending your hard earned cash on? Simply yes. Borderlands 2 is an amazing game that is easily up there with the best games of 2012 so far and will be in contention for game of the year at the end of 2012.

And finally OnRPG has some impressions:

Maya is a Siren, females born with innate elemental control that allows them to be the witches of the gunslinger outer-worlds. Though a certain man named Handsome Jack that we’ll talk about later is making a sport of removing their kind from existence. Playing Maya was quite a twist from her older counterpart, Lilith. No longer can you simply run through a group of bandits invincible doing passive lightning damage to dish a powerful final strike on the weakened badasses. Maya’s ability, phaselocking, adds an interesting dynamic to combat since one can either use it to temporarily disable the strongest opponent on the field or target trash to receive on-kill bonuses. Both approaches can be extremely effective, though your skill tree will dictate which is more ideal.

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