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Lineage 2: Dev Team Q&A @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-09-23 01:35:00
The Lineage 2 development team answers more player-submitted questions about the future of the game.
Dashammer: Will the special ability Might Mortal ever be actually removed from all present daggers with the SA?

Lineage II Dev Team: Hello, Dashammer! The Mortal Strike (previously named Might Mortal) special ability made the dagger classes too strong and this change was made to balance this issue. But we are not planning to remove the existing daggers with the Mortal Strike special ability. We will leave them as is, rare items.

Balis: Will summons in the future be allowed to use potions/clan buffs/overlord buffs?

Lineage II Dev Team: Hello, Balis! Yes, we are trying to make this happen but due to the technical difficulties and the balancing issues, we need more time to implement this.
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