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Project Eternity - Interview @ Link Dead gaming

by Myrthos, 2012-10-02 15:48:20

Twenty questions was what Link Dead Gaming asked Tim Cain, Senior Programmer with Obsidian Entertainment about Project Eternity. Here is a bit about why they choose Kickstarter.

LDG: There are multiple ways you could have attempted to nail down funding for this project. Is there something in particular that made you choose Kickstarter?

Tim: We saw the success that DoubleFine and inXile had with their Kickstarter campaigns, and Chris Avellone was involved with the inXile campaign, so he had learned a great deal about what is involved in a successful campaign there. We thought the time was right for us to try that route too.

LDG: Crowdsourcing can be a two edged sword. With a few more than 15 days to go, you have already been successfully funded by almost 200%. That first day, did any of you speak about what a letdown it would be if the people did not pledge to help you fund the game?

Tim: Not really. We were really excited about the launch, and almost immediately the funding began to pour in. It seemed that every monitor at Obsidian has a window open to the Kickstarter page, including the big monitors in the conference rooms and lounges. Towards the end of the day, Feargus let everyone go home early, since we had put in a lot of time getting the Kickstarter launch ready. We all wanted to celebrate, and many of us went to a pub across the street. That first day felt very special, and it still does. We are excited about seeing where the campaign will end, and what stretch goals we will reach.

Source: GameBanshee

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