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Borderlands 2 - Interview with the Composers

by Myrthos, 2012-10-03 13:49:42

Planet Xbox 360 interviewed Jesper Kyd and Cris Velasco on the music and other Borderlands 2 stuff.

AMANDA DYAR: You're clearly one of the best composers in any industry, and we were lucky enough to talk with you about the amazing work you did on Darksiders II earlier this year. With the numerous games you've worked on over the years, do you find that you can take anything from one experience to the next, and also more specifically, will we hear any of your songs returning from the original Borderlands for Borderlands 2?

JESPER KYD: Yes, I think it’s natural that you take a lot from one experience to the next. I’m always interested in finding new ways of creating music. And when you explore a certain style for one project, you often learn something new that you bring with you for the next project, even if it’s a completely different music style. As a composer you are always learning and challenging yourself.

The “Fyrestone” theme makes a return with a new arrangement to reflect the more industrial-developed feel. However, there are so many new areas in Borderlands 2, compared to the first game, that the vast majority of the music is brand new.

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