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Gothic: Movie and Texture patch released

by Sem, 2006-09-23 16:54:00
Even though Gothic 1 is already years old that doesn't mean it has to collect dust on one of your shelves.

Freddy has released a special Texture Patch for Gothic 1. The patch replaces all textures from Gothic 1 with better high resolution textures from Gothic 2 and several custom-made textures. The patch has version 0.8 (a beta) because a few textures aren't final yet, but it allows you to enjoy the improved Gothic 1 looks before Gothic 3 is released.
The world patch that can be found on the same download page fixes several bugs from the original game, like the disappearing water near the swamp camp.

TMT Productions finished their Gothic 1 fan movie. The two hours long movie tells the complete story of Gothic 1 and was made with the help of Piranha Bytes, who made several new spoken dialogs for them. The movie can be downloaded in several resolutions.

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