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Arakion - First Stretch Goal Met

by Myrthos, 2012-10-05 12:55:08

The First stretch goal of Arakion has been met. This measn the card game is in. A third stretch goal was made public, which is the following:

$42,500: The Darkest Night

This stretch goal includes a story arc that brings a substantial amount of additional content to the game. During this portion of the game the sky has turned black and an undead army has been resurrected and begins to lay siege to your town. 

It is up to you to build defenses, fight back against the scourge, and uncover the reason they have come back. This story has you not only defending your town but exploring an entirely new zone with all the content that provides including dungeons, aesthetics and more.

During your travels you'll encounter a new set of enemies, find lost blueprints and save new NPCs. With all this content whats not to love about this stretch goal!

Specifically speaking this update includes:

  • Additional defense mini-game where you must defend your town against raids.
  • 1 additional zone that includes more dungeons, an abandoned town and a ruined castle to explore
  • Additional enemies (Bone Giant, Zombie Dragon "he wants your braaaaaiiiiinnssss", a unique boss, and more)
  • Multiple new buildings for your town
  • Additional armor and weapons for every class

This is something I've really wanted to do, not only because I think it would be extremely fun to play through but because it adds an additional layer of depth to the game with town defense. As you can tell in the pitch video the town has walls so why not put them to use! If you really want this stretch goal to happen, be sure to tell everyone you know about Arakion so together we can make this the best game possible!!

In addition an update is available on the history of making Arakion.

First off, I hope you're as excited as I am to see where Arakion goes in the next 48 hours, the sky is the limit as they say! The update tonight is a purely video update, this was originally intended to be the "making of" video but it was beginning to become a bit of a time sync and in order to keep my word I have improvised and given you guys a slimmer version!

Before we get to the video update however I just want to mention a few important things. Since you guys are so awesome and amazing and we have reached the card game stretch goal, upon release of the card game online I'll be giving out codes to all Kickstarter backers for $20 in game currency for the card game. As I have stated before I will be using revenue from the online version of the card game to help fund additional content for Arakion.

Also, tomorrow there will be three updates an in depth look at the Battlemage, a look at the people joining the team after Kickstarter and the voices of Arakion #2. I hope you all have had a good Thursday and remember to keep spreading the word so we reach those stretch goals!!

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