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Kickstarter - Old School RPG World and Story Details

by Dhruin, 2012-10-05 22:57:46

Loot Drop posted a pretty good update for their Old School RPG Kickstarter a day or two back that provides much more detail on the setting and story. A sample:


James Connelly works for Shaker, a Bridge corporation between time and worlds. Depending on the job he - or any of Shaker’s 400 employees - can be anyone you want them to be.  Human warrior? Done. Cyborg Psionic, also done. "Remember the 4 F's: Frontier dictates form, function and family" according to the official employee manual. 

Officially, Connelly was a resident of the Bridge, but he spent so much time away from it that the concept of residence and permanence had lost its meaning over time. He lived out of a locker at Shaker, storing only his most important mementos there -- family heirlooms, a couple of gifts from post-jobs. He slept in rooms usually assigned to other Shaker employees destined for imminent departure. His family, a wife and two kids, residents of Barrow, would visit him when they could. 

On July 24, 2526, that would change. His frontier would become his home, his form would become his being, his function and new family possibly his forever. Shaker, it seems, had ceased communicating. The supplies and support he expected - he needed - were no where to be found. His return transport was unknown. He and his three crew were alone. 

Antera - a medieval, barely developed planet - was now his home. 

Gamasutra also has an interview:

Hall loves to develop universes, says Brathwaite. "We had just started talking... and seriously, within two days, he had 10 pages of story ideas. He had the name of a janitor in this universe already."

As for her, she has a deep love for systems: "I always have been and continue to be fascinated by game math," she says. "I'm fascinated with the underlying architecture of the game. Tom and I both love being architects, and we love drawing all the plans out... I'm interested in how this thing is going to work, and Tom is interested in laying the story over the top of that world and creating characters."

At least in pre-production, the two will lead a smaller team, with a couple of artists, four or five coders and a sound designer early on ("I think that affects the overall feel of the world," Brathwaite says). From there, they'll scale up the art as Brathwaite and Hall continue to lead the game design. 

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