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Legend of Grimrock - Dungeon Editor Released

by Dhruin, 2012-10-05 23:13:06

Almost Human has released the Dungeon Editor for Legend of Grimrock - so get modding:

After several months of break-neck speed development, Almost Human is proud to release the most anticipated modding tool ever, the Dungeon Editor for Legend of Grimrock! The Dungeon Editor is a free update for everybody who owns the game. [...]

I’m sure everybody’s eager to start modding right away, so here are some links to get you up to speed: official modding documentation, Komag’s excellent video tutorials, official modding forum.

And if you want to play some mods right now, that’s no problem either! The Public Beta testers have been very productive and have already created over 150 mods that can be subscribed to in Steam Workshop and downloaded from Grimrock Nexus.

Steam users will get an automatic update - hit up the link to find out about other systems. Some fixes are also supplied with this patch.

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