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NWN Module Review: Bitter Harvest @ NW Vault

by Kalia, 2006-06-06 13:20:00
NW Vault has posted another review, this time for Scrotok's "Bitter Harvest", a module nominated for an IGF Mod Competition award. The NWV reviewer gives it a respectable 8/10:
All in all, Bitter Harvest made for a few fun months of weekly games for myself and other players from Neverwinter Connections (thanks to Darius Sarnak, DirgeSinger, GoldenAvenger, Guybo, Kalia D'Malen, LadyRolePlay, and Mpskydog). If you are a regular weekly group looking for a new campaign (the module was designed to be slipped into any existing campaign without much difficulty), or just someone looking for some extended multiplayer fun, I would definitely give this adventure a try.
Read it here.
Source: NW Vault

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