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Arakion - Goes On

by Myrthos, 2012-10-08 21:41:13

Now that Arakion has almost reach twice the amoun that was asked for at Kickstarter quite a few updates are available.

A small summary:

  • Although the $50K has not been entirely met, the stretch goal will be added anyway, this means Fates Change and tablet support is added.
  • You can continue to contribute to the development of the game by means of an Indiegogo campaign (which can be used with PayPal).
  • A new stretch goal at $60K is announced (to be achieved via Indiegogo): Winters Edge consisting of:
    • A new armor type for each class (think thick armor built for war in winter)
    • An additional weapon type for each class
    • An entirely new zone (The Castle) 
    • A new set of buildings for your town
    • A host of new enemies and bosses
    • New traits
    • Additional skill customizations for each class
    • An additional fate weaver type (Cold Steel) *more on this soon*
    • A story revolving around who the "Ancients" are

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