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Dark and Light: Offline Engine Demo

by Dhruin, 2006-09-24 22:45:00
Farlan has <a href="http://www.darkandlight.net/gameletter/2006-09-demo-patch/" target="_blank">announced a Dark and Light offline engine demo</a>:<blockquote><em>The Ganareth Tour* will give newcomers to the world of Ganareth a taste of many of the worlda "!s most addictive elements. It can be downloaded at no cost from www.darkandlight.com.<br><br>Farlana "!s interactive engine trial Ganareth Tour, is a small, standalone application that accurately portrays many of the experiences players can encounter as Ganareth engine discoverers. Users can roam various Ganareth landscapes including a desert, jungle, mountainous region and rolling countryside; try out Ganareth world sports such as snowboarding, gliding and free diving; sample means of transportation; and discover creatures and characters from these wild grounds.<br><br>a SVery few MMORPGs take the initiative to create an interactive demonstration of their engine. Because Dark and Light engine is so unique and appealing, we felt strongly that we needed to give newcomers a taste of what they can experience while entering the world of Ganaretha ? said Farlan Entertainment. a SThis free offline application is true to the look, the spirit, and the appeal of the engine and as such, is a great opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a part of our adventure.a ?</em></blockquote>

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