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Kickstarter - Fields of Fresh

by Dhruin, 2012-10-14 00:11:45

This one is from left-field but who knows what people might like? Nathan writes in with his Kickstarter for a farming RPG called Fields of Fresh. They are only asking for $1000 and here's the intro:

Where have all of the good farming games gone?

To my memory, I have only played one good farming game series, it involved harvesting, sprites, and a moon. Every time I browse the web for a farming game, the results are games that are not up to par with my expectations as a gamer . Do farmers not deserve honor? After all, they provide most of the food we eat. In March 2011, I decided to make a Farming Game. This farming game will satisfy me as a gamer. The mission was to not make a lame social farming game, but a full-fledged farming RPG where the farmers have stories and lives.

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