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Project Eternity - Update #22, $2.94M

by Dhruin, 2012-10-14 00:29:45

If you add Paypal, Project Eternity is probably just about to nudge $3.0M ($2.94 on Kickstarter alone). Yesterday, PC Gamer held a live chat and you can find some of the key answers here:

On the aumaua race:

“the other race we haven’t talked about yet are called the aumaua. they are larger than humans and are found in a lot of coastal and island areas. like orlans, they look somewhat… different, but they are still a bipedal race. we’re still working on their concepts (as we are with orlans), but we will show them when we feel they’re in a good place.” – Josh Sawyer

The latest Kickstarter update offers five answers from Tim chosen from questions on various boards around the 'net:

Will there be low intelligence/charisma dialog?

Yes, we will have these dialogs. They are a great deal of work, since it means writing two versions of every dialog in the game, but I am sure that our wonderful writers are up to it. I really want these dialogs too! I find it fun to replay the game with a low intelligence character, just to see how the NPC's react to my slow-witted attempts to help them.

And there we have it! Five questions answered from five sites. Again, thanks for your support of Obsidian and Project Eternity. There are just a few days left before the Kickstarter campaign is over and we enter full production of this game, and we are all very excited about the prospect of working on a classic CRPG again!

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