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Kickstarter - Divine Space Announcement

by Myrthos, 2012-10-15 12:16:58

Word received by us about a new Kickstarter campaign for a space action RPG named Divine Space.

Divine Space is a 3D  space adventure/quest ARPG in hard sci-fi genre, with real-time combat and click-n-go controls. It's a mix of the spirits of such games as Star Control, Elite, and Space Rangers; this simple gameplay comparable to Dark Orbit, with excellent, up-to-date three-dimensional graphics somehow comparable to Eve Online.

The first version of the game will be released for iPads, very soon after (within 2-3 months) - we will release version for Anrdroid pads. 

Later, there will be PC/Mac/Linux version and, hopefully, iPhone and later – MMO (previous are single-player versions).

Main features of the game:

  • Scientific: the world is built on real astronomical data, obtained from astronomers and scientists. Stars have their real positions, spectral classes, etc;
  • Construction of ships from parts. You can built your custom hulls and add devices and weapons;
  • Deep scenario and world design (it's almost USP nowadays). We built our scenario based on current research. It's somewhat a prediction of the possible future;
  • Most operating systems are supported. First, the game will be single-player ARPG, but the game will move toward serious MMO;
  • For the iPad and Android there are no similar space games of the same quality, and there are no similar 3D games with same casual controls;
  • Educative. We teach our players, and this is our mission - and they won't even notice that. We make world better.

We might be interesting for you because we are first Russian team that is going for such large goal - $100,000, while we are indie and unknown team. There weren't other Russian teams at Kickstarter (or other crowdfunding portals) with such goal. Our project is good, and of the good quality. It's not something we made in a month - we began development in end of 2011. We have very positive feedback from our backers; conversion to backers is 2,6% (and that's much for an indie game).

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