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Of Orcs and Men - Reviews @ Destructoid, OXM UK

by Dhruin, 2012-10-16 21:42:46

Borcanu sends in our first review of Cyanide's Of Orcs and Men, with Destructoid's Jim Sterling awarding 8/10:

Though the 10-14-hour story isn't quite as deep as it'd like to be, and the constant treachery of other characters can grow a little exhausting, Of Orcs and Men still manages to provide one of the better role-playing adventure stories I've experienced in a while. With its dark world and characters that seem very human despite their fantastical genus, there should be few people who won't feel satisfied by the plot, as it grows from a story of foolhardy revenge to inspiring rebellion. 

Arkail and Styx can be manually controlled at the press of a button, and it's worth approaching combat with the idea that you will be using both of them. Unchecked, the A.I. isn't particularly good at handling battle situations, even when switched to the suggested defensive stance. Fighting is all about constantly maintaining both characters, keeping them both focused on the right tactics and ensuring they work together to take down foes. You don't play Of Orcs as a single character -- you really are both of them. 

Looking around, OXM UK has a counterpoint at 6/10, although they do note some positive elements:

That said, there's not a lot to the game beyond its central theme. A linear RPG that plonks you into a series of dungeons, the only real mechanic lies in a combat system that sits somewhere between chess and The Matrix. It's a case of analysing targets, slowing down time and queuing up skills from various skill wheels that denote different stances.

This approach doesn't deliver the slow-paced nature of a turn-based system, but the differences between your two characters - Arkail is the prototypical tank while Styx takes on the role of rogue - mean each fight is as much about tactics as it is controlling the current action.

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