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Hero-U - Interview with Quest for Glory Creator

by Myrthos, 2012-10-17 12:28:39

The New York Post interviewed Corey Cole, one of the creators of the former Quest for Glory series on the upcoming Kickstarter for Hero-U, which is a role-playing adventure game in which you play a Rogue character. You are caught and sentenced to attend Hero-U to become a better citizen.... 
The game has 2D tile maps to emphasize exploration and uses tactical and movement skills.

The kickstarter starts this Friday.

When did the idea for your own Kickstarter, launching October 19, come up?

Last October (2011), Lori and I decided to stop taking assignments at the school and to put our focus into developing it as a game. The only problem is that we had no idea how to promote or fund game development. Then came the Tim Schafer Spring, and suddenly Kickstarter became a serious springboard for indie game development. As fan email poured in, and other developers offered to help us make the game, we resolved in July to start a Kickstarter, and in August which one we would do.

We decided to wait until October 19 to start the campaign so that we could do preliminary design work, start a word-of-Web campaign and make sure that we would launch a successful campaign. We don't make mediocre games and we don't want to run a mediocre Kickstarter campaign, so we decided to take our time.

We are very happy we made that decision, because we would not have wanted to run our campaign head-to-head against the Obsidian Project: Eternity juggernaut. We had enough problems at Sierra in years when a Quest for Glory and a King's Quest shipped in the same year. One great role-playing game per month is probably enough.

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