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Dark Messiah: Preview @ gameSlave

by Dhruin, 2006-09-25 22:25:00
A hands-on preview of Dark Messiah is up at gameSlave, based on playing three levels of the single player campaign:
Much like Half-Life 2, or any other recent FPS, Dark Messiah uses a traditional level-based structure, but makes them huge. As a player you'll follow a set path through a level but your objectives may change on the fly. For example, on one level you're woken up in your room by a servant, only to be told that there are enemies loose in the city. At first you'll have to fight your way to Master Phenrig's house, however the mission soon turns into a roof-top chase after a murderous ghoul. In this respect, Dark Messiah appears like many other FPS around at the moment, bar one very unique twist. Being a fantasy game, there's no shotguns or laser cannons in this world. Instead much of the game's focus revolves around a melee system - something we've yet to see successfully implemented into a FPS.

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