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Of Orcs and Men - Review Roundup

by Myrthos, 2012-10-17 12:47:06

Here is acollection of reviews for Of Orcs and Men, with mixed results.

  • The Xboxer, 9
    It’s a game filled with corruption, lies and brutal violent force and with a good story to it as well.
  • Gameranx, 4/5
    Though Of Orcs and Men probably won't be grabbing much awards attention come December, it does make for a thoroughly enjoyable experience that you won't regret playing.
  • GamingLives, 6
    A good game wracked with issues, Of Orcs and Men is rather hit and miss.
  • Hooked Gamers, 7.9
    I am rooting for this game. I care about this world, I care about Arkail and Styx. Their story is my story, their anguish is my pain, their redemption is my deliverance. This is a fantastic tale, full of memorable characters, desperate struggles, impossible odds and fueled by an unsaid bond between two world-weary and battle-scarred greenskins. It has great locations, fun and complex combat, and satisfying mechanics. However, poor voice-acting, random bugs, questionable AI, a rushed ending and a general lack of polish hold Of Orcs and Men back from being a great game.
  • Gamespy, 3/5
    Keep in mind that this isn't an everyman's game -- its linear levels, the absence of bundles of loot, and even the quirks of its combat whittle down its potential audience -- but there's a lot to love about how this RPG sings the glories of the underdogs. For all of its blood and gore, it's a tale of dreams and friendship and hope and loss, and somehow, if only briefly, it thus manages to capture something of the same poignancy of the Steinbeck's parable of two misfits wandering about a broken world.

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