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Of Orcs and Men - 3 More Reviews

by Myrthos, 2012-10-18 12:49:08

Here are 3 more review for Of Orcs and men.

Game-Modo comes with an advice of 'consider'.

I honestly think if you like story-focused games, especially RPG's and you are willing to forgive a slow start and you are mainly in it for the story, the inability to explore isn't an issue then this game would be a great buy. However, I understand that quite a large number of people will be put off by some of the negatives found and to be honest, I am still rather irritated by the linearity of the gameplay, the story certainly tries to make up for it though.

Impulse Gamer rates it a 7.

There’s not much in the way of pickups; occasionally you’ll encounter chests with weapons, armour or assorted trinkets and that’s it. There is no loot, with items purchased via a trading system rather than financial transactions. Health and energy regenerate quickly outside of battle, and if your partner falls in combat you can instantly revive them using one of your allotted moves.

GameFob gives it a score of 7.9.

Of Orcs and Men deserves applause, this was an unexpected title that snuck up on many people (and many others who have yet to experience it). It manages to bridge the gap between consistent and reliable gameplay, with the unique spark that we so desperately crave (Unless you really like having so many digits tacked on to your favorite franchise, sequels are good… but enough is enough). This isn’t a title that will blow away critics, but it’s going to develop a fan base because it brings a unique perspective, dynamic protagonists, and stellar gameplay that is so difficult to find elsewhere.

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