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Shaker - Update #9, The World of Antera

by Dhruin, 2012-10-19 10:22:33

It was a while coming but Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall's Shaker Kickstarter has a new update with a map of the world of Antera and some examples of major locations. An example:

Connelly (or whoever you customize as your main character) and team find themselves on a world they've visited before, but only in a narrow sense, under strict orders. Now they will be required to explore it more deeply to find out what happened...and if there is the possibility of any way home. If not, it's time to settle in and find their place in this new world!

This area is Blade Sector, the second sector in the way Shaker operatives have divided up this world and its primary inhabitation sites. Sector names are based on locally familiar words, so that an off-mention will not sound strange. Anvil Sector is inhabited, but is not near the Delta Node on Antera. 

 Here are a few highlighted places in the area the game will take place in:


Loke is a beautiful city on the water, a thriving city for trade and a meeting place for all races. This has been the team's first stop on all their missions.


Living in Rhun-Daar, the humanoid race of the Paldor are survivors of a great onslaught of creatures from Darkling Crag. They won the war, but at a dear loss to their population. Those remaining have an intense mistrust of strangers.    

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