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Divine Space - Update 6

by Myrthos, 2012-10-19 13:36:26

We missed several updates on the Kickstarter game Divine Space, but here is update 6 about joining Kicking it Forward,F2P, Click-n-Go and other news. Here is a snip:

Congratulations, we reached 10%, or $10,000 mark! 

You did it! You all did it – and we got up to 10% of light speed, which is equal to $10,000! This is a good sign, because the fight is only at the beginning. For now, we are only passing asteroid clouds, getting our cannons ready and programming our rockets so they would hit target when time will come. Meanwhile, our ally, LimpDigit team, is working on the new video for us, which will be a mix of our presentation and gameplay video. This shall significantly increase our chances to victory. There are still 35 light days to go, which is more than most of other projects have from beginning. We knew it would be a hard fight, and took additional two weeks to fix our project, tune it and prepare properly for press and big portals. Thanks to many of you, we managed to polish our page and make it much better.

Kicking it Forward: LETS DO SOME KICKS! 

Yes, we are finally in. We always wanted to be part of that noble community, but our future has been too unclear and foggy. For a while we have been flying through the area, full of dust and tiny asteroids. Perhaps it was a planet before, or it could become a planet and failed, who knows? But now we finally passed through this dangerous area and are ready to dock the starbase of Kicking It Forward team. Why we are joining that community? Because we know how hard it is to get acknowledged by the indie teams and we want to help our colleagues. Many projects are great and deserve support, but can't get enough attention. Kicking It Forward helps such teams, and we want to be amongst those great people! 

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