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Mass Effect Preview @ Digital Entertainment News

by Kalia, 2006-06-06 16:20:00
<a href="http://web1.dignews.com/preview.php?story_id=15661">Digital Entertainment News</a> has the most recent preview for the upcoming XB360 title, Mass Effect, on site. The reviewer is very positive, even stating that, if ME makes the 2006 release date, it will give Oblivion a run for its money for Best Game of 2006. <blockquote><em>How does it look? Amazing. Where KOTOR looked like and Xbox game (and for some reason Jade Empire didna "!t) Mass Effect looks like a true second generation Xbox 360 title. Character detail isa well, detailed. The graphics of each character model are superb. Environments rich and lush. This truly is an immersive world a  and thata "!s just the visuals. We didna "!t get to hear a lot of the game, but what we heard was great. It seems that the nerds have completely taken over the shop at BioWare in that attention to detail is no small matter. Even with just a basic setup you could hear the Doppler affect of shots fired. Maybe that was my imagination. I hope not.<br><br>I do know this, Mass Effect looks to be one of the games to beat for game of the year, yes, Oblivion may have met its match. Wea "!ll find out later this year. </em></blockquote>
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