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Torchlight II - Max Schaefer Interview @ Indie Game Radio

by Aries100, 2012-10-24 16:20:03

Indie Gamer Radio has an interview with Max Schaefer.  They talk about how he wants to use a Minecraft style building and resource management into the game via "player creature structures."

He tells us about how the game and genre have evolved, what it’s like to see a number of talented game designers work on your game, and how Minecraft inspires him to add world-building elements to future Torchlight games.

PC Gamer has this to say about Schaefer's idea:

“What I’d like to see personally is to get the building and resource aspects of Minecraft and put them into an ARPG,” he said, “just so it’s a little more than just wandering from one monster to the next and hitting them.” “Your character has permanence [in Torchlight 2],” he went on to explain, “but you don’t have anything like property or anything that you’ve built right now in our game that lead to any sense of permanence. So I’d like to explore that a little bit.” Schaefer was quite clear, however, that this was just his personal notion of Torchlight 2′s potential future, and that other opinions were available from his colleagues at Runic Games.

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