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Vanguard: Interview @ Vanguard Spheres

by Inauro, 2006-09-25 22:50:00
Vanguard Spheres <a href="http://www.vanguardspheres.com/forums/interviews/6775-orc-orc-course-course.html#post15125" target="_blank">talks with</a> Ian Conway, AKA GM Aughos, of Sigil's <a href="http://www.vanguardsagaofheroes.com" target="_blank">Vanguard: Saga of Heroes</a> team.<blockquote><em><B>Q: You and Verityn are two of the newer GMs. Are you adjusting to Sigil's way of life well?</B><br><br>So far, the transition has been painless. The staff here is extremely dedicated to the project and their fellow GMs. I was welcomed in and made part of the team by everyone and I have felt at home since day 1. In a nutshell, I have no complaints. Everyday though I have to remind myself that this isna "!t a dream, I have wanted to be a part of Sigil for quite sometime now and being here is as good as I had hope it would be.<br><br><B>Q: What was the hardest thing about coming into the Pit?</B><br><br>Being the only GM who doesna "!t have an Elf maybe? I actually like the environment of the pit. It allows me to be closer to the core team in CS and communicate a lot easier for server issues and questions I may have. Also, as a bonus everyone is in range for paper projectiles. I know eventually the pit will be expanding but for now, I am enjoying the fact that this team has become so close so fast. Eventually they will all understand the Orc way of life.<br></em></blockquote><a href="http://www.vanguardspheres.com/forums/interviews/6775-orc-orc-course-course.html#post15125" target="_blank">More...</a>
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